Aspire ART360 is an innovative way to communicate your commitment to inclusion.

We created this video to give viewers a sense of the ART360 program, the artists and the joy and opportunities it brings to them. Although it was created prior to NorthPointe becoming a part of the Aspire family, the value of ART360, it’s importance to our newly formed organization and the people we support remains the same.
Video, a 2019 DotCOMM Awards, Gold Award winner, courtesy of STREET LEVEL STUDIO, Highwood, IL

Aspire ART360 | Art that Includes

ART360 began as an opportunity for program participants to explore their creativity and talents and the results proved to be astonishing ― pure, spontaneous art at the highest level ― the response was amazing and quickly transferred to commissioned artwork. To meet demands and requests ART360 expanded to include “gallery art”, (in-stock art) and “brand enhancement art” (for corporate identity programs). It has been said that the purpose of art is to produce thinking, the process of introspection, and different levels of contemplation. When a person inquiries about an ART360 painting displayed in a home or business and learns it was painted by someone with a disability that piece of art has the opportunity to do what art does best ― broaden a perspective.

ART360 artists can work together in small groups or paint individually to create the artwork. Incorporating techniques, colors, images and textures ART360 paintings result in unique works of art. Commissioned works are uniquely tailored to the organization purchasing them; for example, to create the Enterprise pieces, after creating an abstract background artists rolled a car tire across the canvases to reflect the company’s industry.

 ART360 functions as a professional studio and helps artists build a career in the arts offering an alternative way from traditional employment to earn income which translates to less dependency on supportive programs and that’s a win/win for everyone. 

ART360 art is on display in Washington D.C.; being purchased by nationwide corporations, the hospitality industry and community members; and a part of resource portfolios for architectural firms, designers and art resource companies.

ART360 as a flourishing enterprise has created a platform for awareness while promoting the inclusion of the people with disabilities and/or mental illness as vibrant contributors to the community.

ART360 completed pieces can be purchased in their original format, or as prints, on mouse pads or other formats. Ready-to-purchase gallery artwork is on display at Aspire’s Lake County Illinois location.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more or to make an appointment to view artwork at the Killian Gallery. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY  |  Organic and sustainable choices

Wood: Sustainable wood frames are harvested utilizing sustainable forest practices. All wood scrap are send to a wood recycler and ground up for products (i.e. particle board, etc.).  Sawdust is utilized as bedding by farmers.

Aluminum:  Aluminum has a significant recycled content and is an excellent choice for frames, especially when working in a larger format. All aluminum waste from manufacturing process is recycled, and when done, the frame aluminum can be recycled.

Canvas:  We offer the choice of 100% Certified Organic raw cotton canvas, a premium grade, 100% organic cotton duck, medium texture canvas that supports organic agriculture.

Paint: Sustainable paint resources and disposed of in a sustainable way is also an offered option.

Other: We now offer alternatives to canvas, utilizing sustainable resourced materials with handmade finishes and unique textures to use as a canvas for our artwork. Custom finishes available. 

AN OPPORTUNITY  |  Support alternative employment options 

In Addition | Innovative self-employment ideas