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Art Promoting Disability Inclusion & Awareness

Aspire Art360 makes it possible for people with disabilities to become professional artists. Providing its artists the opportunity to build a career in the arts by selling their artwork to corporations and private collectors. Artists are compensated fairly for their work, thus creating meaningful employment. Aspire Art360 is also a platform for disability awareness and inclusion in communities.

When someone inquiries about an Aspire Art360 painting for a home or business, then learns it was painted by someone with a disability that piece of art has the opportunity to do what art does best ― trigger emotions and broaden perspectives.

Artists work together in small groups or paint individually, experimenting with techniques, colors, images, and textures. Resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind art sold through our gallery, or commissions.

Our artists welcome visitors to their studio and enjoy engaging with the public. Visitors to the Aspire Art360 studio are permitted by appointment only.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to make a studio appointment.

Another Aspire Social Enterprise  |  Aspire CoffeeWorks

Aspire CoffeeWorks logos and photos of team members.

Aspire CoffeeWorks is a social enterprise coffee company in
partnership with Metropolis Coffee Company that employs adults with autism, Down syndrome, and other disabilities who package the coffee.
Plus, 100% of net proceeds benefit people with disabilities at Aspire.
For more information, or to purchase coffee for your home or office, visit

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